Comedian's Bio

James Caraan

Any comedian worth their salt will tell you one thing for sure: opening for a show sucks. The audience is usually not into it yet, and the opener is sent out to warm up everyone for the rest of the comics. Apparently, James did not get this memo. This could be the reason why he always does well opening. Or middling. Or headlining. Really, any place you put him, he does amazingly well. We have heard audience members actually start laughing hysterically while James was just setting up a joke. His style is very familiar and relatable. His premises are about the struggles of being single; of always losing fights with your significant other; or simply how ridiculous our current social media generation has become. You know what he is talking about as soon as he starts, and he takes you all the way through each great punchline and twist. And while you are still reeling from the last big laugh, he takes you again on some other hilarious premise. The new thing every comic knows for sure should be this: James is scary good. And after you watch him, you will probably do the same.

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