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Red Ollero

Anybody less observant could easily dismiss Red as just another big guy making fat jokes. Don’t get us wrong, he does tell fat jokes. Very funny fat jokes, in fact. But that is a sliver of what he is capable of. What Red does is unique because he brings you in the world of being fat, regardless of what you’re actual weight and waistline is. And he does with every joke. The audience sees the world as Red sees it. Crowds may not necessarily agree with what he is saying, but they laugh hard just the same. He paints these elaborate and exaggerated pictures that make everyone feel like that they are inside his mind as Red imagines it. The real treat is watching Red respond to spontaneous things happening during his set or just the show in general. The way he improvises jokes is phenomenal to watch. It makes every set he does feel unique and special. That kind of skill set is hard to find, and even harder to develop. This is what makes him feel like a complete package for a stand-up comic. He is able to entertain the crowd and leave a mark on them that makes audience members just want to watch him again and again. A fellow comedian said the best way to describe Red Ollero: “Some people do jokes. Red does comedy”. we could not agree any more.

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