Comedian's Bio

Ryan Rems Sarita

Ryan Rems is funny. Simple as that. Sure, the first thing anyone notices is that he looks like a junky. But nobody cares right after his first joke. People know exactly what they are getting into as soon as he starts talking. His deliberate style of delivery allows the audience to follow perfectly to every punchline he has. He is also a favourite amongst all the local comedians because he just has this very specific and hilarious take on things. His material on drugs is insightful and well thought of. And in a conservative country like the Philippines, making people laugh on taboo topics is a hard sell. Ryan is able to make it funny and personal. It feels right because the scenarios and emotions he invokes on stage seem genuine, and crowds always relate to seeing actual persons on stage, and not caricatures. But really, trying to describe Ryan Rems comedy style is like trying to describe how a sunset looks to a blind person: you either insult the blind person or just the Sun. Just watch him, then thank us later.

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