A secret and ancient order of samurai has been keeping the peace of modern Japan whilst in the shadows. Through the code of the Jewshido, they have honed their skills and wit. With their blades, they speak their minds. Armed with jokes that can calm down a wild beast, they are the LAUGH SAMURAIS!


Victor Anastacio as Hyo Shappingi, Merchant by day, Assassin by night. His number 1 trade is DEATH
James Caraan as Wara Buoku, The tiny headed swordsman. Invulnerable to decapitations, he is on an eternal journey to meet the one whose sword will hit his mini head.
Red Ollero as Captain Redginald Louis III, the westerner playboy who left a life of luxury and pleasure to serve a greater purpose.
GB Labrador as Ken Watanabe, known for his roles in Inception, Godzilla, and The Last Samurai.

Entrance is P250
For inquiries, +63 926 525-JOKE (5653)